About Us

The seed idea of GPNT arises from the collaboration between private investors and researchers from the Aragon Materials Science Institute (ICMA), the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) and the National Centre of Microelectronics (CNM).

The National Centre of Microelectronics (CNM) is an institute belonging to CSIC located in Barcelona. Its main activity focuses on applied research and development in the fields of micro and nanotechnologies and silicon-based devices and systems. Its mission is to improve the knowledge and to contribute to the implementation of solutions based on these technologies into new products, for solving societal challenges.

The Aragon Materials Science Institute (ICMA) is a joint research institute of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Zaragoza (UZ) founded in 1985. Its main activities are focused on the investigation and application of new materials for the current challenges of our society.

The Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) is an interdisciplinary research institute that is part of the University of Zaragoza, created in 2003. The activity is focused on R&D in nanoscience and nanotechnology, based on the processing and fabrication of structures at the nanoscale and the study of their applications, in collaboration with companies and technological institutes from different areas.

Bringing forces together, GPNT was born to improve and take advantage of the interaction between science and industry to take graphene from academic laboratories to society.

Graphene Nanotech is one of the “Spin Off” companies from the University of Zaragoza.



Javier Palacios

Executive President

Alejandro Rodríguez


Ana Ballestar

Process Development Scientist

Alberto García

Process Development Scientist

Luis Serrano

Chief Technology Officer


Gemma Rius

Postdoctoral fellow at IMB-CNM

José María De Teresa

Full Professor at CSIC

Philippe Godignon

Full Professor at CSIC

Manuel Ricardo Ibarra

Director of INA

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