Our Graphene

Our standard product consist  of 8 x 8 mm-size pieces, cut from a semi-insulating, on-axis 4H-SiC wafer, with an epitaxial graphene layer grown on the silicon face of the silicon carbide substrate.

Contact us for inquiries about other sizes, graphene on C-face, off-axis substrates, samples with ion implantation, as well as products tailored to your needs.


We use very high temperature annealing processes in the appropriate gas environment and under the adequate conditions of pressure and temperature on Silicon Carbide substrates. The graphitization process takes part in SiC crystalline substrates through selective sublimation of Si surface atoms by high temperature annealing. Si desorbed atoms leave behind an epitaxial layer of graphene.

Therefore, we use high temperature annealing of SiC to produce high-quality graphene as it is a fabrication method where the intended product (graphene) is already placed in a good substrate for electronic devices, avoiding potential damage from the transfer processes to other substrates.

Raman spectrum measured at the red cross and mapping of the 2D peak widht measured at the indicated area.

Optical image of graphene showing reconstructed terraces on Si-face SiC wafers.

Surface morphology determined by atomic force microscopy.

Lithography on graphene.
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